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Dragon & Elfs

Dragon & Elfs 3.0.20 Apk+(unconditional use) for Android

Version: 3.0.20 | Size: 118MB


MOD:Unconditional use of diamonds

Welcome to a magical world of mysterious elves and magic. Together let us become the saviors of this magical land!The land of the Elves saw peace for eons, a peace that lasted until the evil dragons attacked.They devour everything in their wake. Mountains, rivers, forests, Life Trees. They spared nothing, leaving Dark Land wherever they went.The Elf Queen led the Elves in resistance, and while they repelled the dragons for a brief time, they also suffered heavy losses.And so, in this great crisis your burden lies heavy:You must explore the world and collect treasuresFind Elf Eggs and hatch themEvolve your Elves and defeat the evil dragonsFree Rukh and heal the corrupted landMerge miracles and create a beautiful homeland

Additional Information

  • Version
  • Updated
  • Size
  • Languages
  • Android
  • 3.0.20
  • 2021-11-25
  • 118MB
  • English
  • 5.1